Quickly Fix Cracked, Broken & Stained Teeth

Unlike veneers, dental bonding is an expedited cosmetic dentistry treatment that can be completed in a single visit because the material used is a composite resin mold that does not require impressions and custom fabrication from a dental lab. We most often suggest dental bonding to patients who have discolored and/or chipped teeth. We may also suggest this treatment to those who have noticeable gaps or space between teeth to help give an appearance of a fuller, more complete and uniform smile. If more severe damage has been done, we may suggest an alternative treatment.

A Closer Look At The Dental Bonding Process

To kick things off, we will meet with you for a one-on-one consultation to see if you are a candidate for dental bonding based on your current state of oral health and your unique cosmetic goals. Once approved, we head straight into the preparation phase where we thoroughly clean the area receiving the bonding. Unless you’re undergoing this treatment to remedy a decayed tooth, no sedative or local anesthesia will be necessary.

From here, we will create the composite resin and match the color to your existing teeth to ensure the bond blend seamlessly with your smile. Our dentist will etch the surface of the decayed or damaged tooth, apply a light conditioner, set the bonding material and mold it to the proper, natural shape. The resin will harden as it dries, but we will use an ultra-violet light to help speed up the process.

The entire procedure takes 30 – 60 minutes, depending on how many teeth are being treated. We highly recommend patients abstain from eating foods or drinking liquids that may stain the dental bonding material for up to 48 hours after the resin is set – that means no coffee, wine, beets or tea!

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