What Do You Get From a Dental Cleaning?

Whether your oral hygiene routine is pristine or lacking a bit, there will always be additional plaque and tartar buildup that gets left behind. Our hygienists will remove all of this excess debris and leave you with thoroughly clean smile! A routine cleaning (also known as “prophylaxis”) allows our dental care professionals to detect early signs disease, helping you to proactively protect your long-term dental health and even save on potential future costs.

Oh, and did we mention that a routine cleaning can also help freshen your breath?

Dental Technology at Its Best!

We offer a comprehensive catalog of dental procedures and treatments while combining state-of-the-art dental technology with experienced professionals. We provide excellent care using the most recent advances in dentistry. That means superior diagnostic evaluations, early detection and prevention of dental issues and less time at the dentist for you.

Digital X-Rays

  • Highest resolution digital technology available.
  • Reduces patient exposure to X-rays by as much as 90%.
  • Eco friendly. No film to develop, no chemicals to dispose.
  • Patient Benefits: Early detection of tooth and gum issues, significant health benefits versus traditional X-Rays, can dramatically reduce the consequences of undetected tooth and gum issues.

Our Advanced 3D Cone Beam X-Ray Machine

Our most exciting new piece of technology is a new panoramic and 3D cone beam machine. This device has replaced our previous panoramic x-ray machine. The 3D cone beam machine gives us the ability to see your head and neck anatomy creating a much better diagnosis. We have purchased the machine that emits the lowest level of radiation on the market with the clearest images.

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Intra-oral Dental Camera

Intra-oral Dental Camera

  • A tiny digital camera allows close examination of each tooth.
  • Magnified images are projected onto a monitor so you see what Dr. Scurria sees.
  • Allows early detection of broken or worn fillings, worn sealants, and cracked or broken teeth.
  • Patient Benefits: Less long-term damage to teeth and gums, and fewer visits to the dentist.

Drill-Less Dentistry

Drill-less Dentistry

  • Air abrasion technology that removes tooth decay and prepares teeth for procedures.
  • No heat, no sound, no pressure, no vibration.
  • Reduces need for anesthesia.
  • Leave much more of the healthy tooth undisturbed.
  • Patient Benefits: No drilling! Most patients say it is painless. We can treat multiple sites in one visit which means fewer dental appointments for you.

Have additional questions about what to expect from a routine cleaning? Looking to learn more about our in-house imaging technology? Just need to schedule a dental cleaning? 

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