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Dedicated to a Quick & Seamless Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Since 1987, Perimeter Dental has built a reputation as the mainstay dental care provider in Dublin, Ohio – and you don’t build that rapport within the community without expanding your services, evolving your practice and honing your craft!

Throughout the years, we have perfected our wisdom tooth removal services – from initial consultation, to the surgical procedure, to friendly follow-ups – to help expedite the process with minimal disruption and maximum comfort for each patient.

Sedation Services: Ensuring a Safe & Comfortable Experience

Each year, sedation techniques become safer and more effective. Our team is dedicated to adapting our practices for an all-around more comfortable experience. We speak with you one-on-one to learn of potential negative sedation reactions or other concerns before the procedure takes place.

Excellent dental office with a wonderful staff: welcoming, professional, and personable. Appointments are on-time with little to no wait for the hygienist or Dr. Scurria. I recommend this practice without hesitation.

— Kim D.

The Wise Decision: Why You Should Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth pulled! In fact, some people simply don’t have them, while other patients’ 3rd molars grow in perfectly. For those that aren’t so lucky, here are a few reasons why you should get those wisdom teeth extracted:

  • Prevents jaw damage, sinus issues & problems with other teeth
  • Extensive decay
  • Eliminates wisdom tooth-related headaches & migraines
  • Mitigates the chances of a wisdom tooth becoming painfully impacted later on down the road
  • Protects the work performed by Invisalign or braces

Don’t wait for complications and greater discomfort to arise! Take care of those wisdom teeth today.

Have additional questions about our wisdom tooth removal services? Ready to rid your mouth of these painful 3rd molars?

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