Professional Whitening vs. Over The Counter Solutions

Multiple methods of teeth whitening exist, including toothpastes, OTC dental trays and professional whitening services. But which is best for you? The answer heavily relies on your personal cosmetic goals and current state of dental health!

Limitations of Over The Counter Solutions

Whitening Toothpastes: Simply not powerful enough to “whiten” teeth, rather lightly brighten them or keep them bright after a whitening treatment

Generic whitening Trays/Strips: Not built for your unique mouth shape and teeth placement, which can result in uneven shades and, potentially, irritated gums; less powerful than dentist-grade whitening solutions

The Benefits of Dental Treatments at the Dentist

The above solutions are great for supplementing your oral hygiene regimen, but they are simply not as effective or as powerful as the teeth whitening service a dentist office can provide.

Our team uses custom-fitted trays and a professional-grade whitening gel to ensure all surface areas are covered so you get an even shade all around. Our whitening solution is the most powerful found on the market, helping you to safely brighten your smile without causing a drastic increase sensitivity. We sell refill whitening syringes at low cost so that your custom-fitted trays can be used through multiple applications.

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The Primary Causes of Stained Teeth & Dental Discoloration

  • Smoking or other tobacco use
  • Regular coffee and soda/pop consumption
  • Certain foods, like beets, berries, tomato sauce, etc. (if it can stain your carpet, it can likely stain your teeth)
  • Poor dental hygiene routine
  • Genetic disposition to poor dental health
  • Aging/natural wear & tear

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