The Dental Fillings Process

As with every treatment and procedure we offer, everything begins with a one-on-one consultation to ensure a dental filling treatment is right for you!

To kick off the restorative process, we begin by removing any damage or visible decay from the tooth and gums. We then thoroughly clean the area, ridding it of bacteria, debris and virtually anything else that could cause friction throughout the rest of the process. Once the area is cleared, the bonding process begins – this is where we carefully place the tooth-colored filling and chemically bond it to your actual tooth.

Why Is A Dental Filling Necessary?

Bacteria naturally live in your mouth, in your gums and on your teeth and, every time you eat, the bacteria is fed. Without proper oral hygiene, this natural bacteria can produce acid that erodes your teeth and starts to cause some serious, long-term damage due to decay and cavities – along with some cosmetic issues.

Dental fillings exist to mitigate this discomfort, put a stop to the decay and restore your smile in a natural-looking, long-term manner!

Have additional questions about our tooth-colored fillings or the process? Ready to recover your beautiful smile?

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