What The Tooth Removal Process Looks Like

All of our procedures and treatments begin with a one-on-one consultation! We will learn more about your discomfort and present the best course of action moving forward depending on our diagnosis. Should an extraction be necessary, we learn about your medical history and any negative reactions you may have to anesthesia.

We will provide local anesthesia to numb the tooth and carefully remove it from the mouth. Afterward, depending on the level of sedation, you will either be free to go or you will need a reliable 3rd party to take you home. Perimeter Dental will then follow up to ensure the recovery process goes smoothly.

Dr. Matt Scurria: Experience Matters

With an extensive background in diagnosing toothaches and identifying the source of oral pain, Dr. Matt is your go-to dentist for extractions! Outside of his extensive in-house experience helping patients in Dublin, Dr. Matt also has more than 300 hours of volunteer dentistry under his belt – the majority of which was spent handling extractions and root canal procedures.

Signs That You Need a Tooth Extraction

Redness, pain & swelling in the gums
Jaw pain & stiffness
Extensive dental decay
Movement in teeth when you bite
Teeth that cannot be restored

*these are just a few symptoms; consult with a dental professional to determine if you should have a tooth extracted

Have additional questions about our tooth extraction treatment? Wish to directly speak to Dr. Matt Scurria about how he can help alleviate your oral pain?

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