Dental Health During Pregnancy: Protecting Your Pearly Whites

During pregnancy, just about everyone will stress to you the importance of maintaining good health. It may not occur to you that dental health is part of that – but it undoubtedly is. Maintaining good dental health during pregnancy requires extra attention to your teeth and gums, but nothing too taxing. At Perimeter Dental, we want to reduce any unnecessary stress that may come with your pregnancy, and helping with your dental health is the best way we can do that. During pregnancy, it is crucial to understand the symptoms to look out for, the benefits of preventative care, and the nutrition recommendations to follow as you work to ensure you’re taking all the right steps to maintain an all-around healthy pregnancy!

Dental Care During Pregnancy

We’ve compiled a collection of some of the most valuable advice for keeping your teeth in their best possible condition throughout the entirety of your pregnancy and beyond.

Dental Problems

It is common to experience changes in your dental health during pregnancy. When you do, it is wise to address any concerns with your dentist. Common problems may include:

Due to hormonal changes, pregnant women are at higher risk of developing gum disease or gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease. Taking preventative steps will allow you to avoid these deep-rooted problems.

Prioritizing Dental Work While Pregnant

Regular dental check-ups make it possible to treat problems before they have a chance to get worse. From the outset, you should tell your dentist about your pregnancy, if they don’t know already, so they can take necessary precautions, such as refraining from prescribing certain medications and avoiding X-rays when possible. These regular check-ups and appointments help ensure that any necessary treatment is performed safely and in a timely manner, preventing any further damage.

Dental Hygiene During Pregnancy

Some of the best dental advice for pregnancy happens to be the best dental advice for day-to-day living, pregnancy or not: Make a habit of good dental hygiene. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, using a soft-bristled toothbrush, avoiding brushing too hard, and limiting sugary and acidic foods and drinks can help to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. And as much as it might go without saying today, we’re going to say it anyway… Don’t smoke!

Good Nutrition for Pregnant Women

The nutrients you take in during pregnancy provide the necessary nutrients and energy for your baby as they continue to grow, making good nutrition a key consideration for both of you. Recommended dietary guidance during pregnancy includes:

  • More fresh fruits and vegetables
  • More whole grains
  • More lean proteins
  • Less sugar (as much as possible)
  • Less dried fruit and toffees

Additionally, getting enough calcium helps prevent tooth decay and improve your baby’s bone health.

Helping You Stay Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Prioritizing your dental care during pregnancy is essential for both you and your child. At Perimeter Dental Group, we’ll help you make dental health a priority, help you deal with dental problems or concerns, and answer any questions that may arise. Reach out to us to set up an appointment today.