Dental Implant Recovery Basics

Long-Term Solutions for Missing Teeth

Dental implants can be a great replacement option for tooth loss. They look natural and have high success rates, which means your tooth replacement will look great and likely last a lifetime. That said, proper care after the procedure is key to its long-term success. Below, we dive into all you need to know for a great procedure and recovery.

The Basics

Dental implants are built to look and function exactly like natural teeth, which makes them a great solution to the problem of missing teeth. You’ll be able to eat and speak without worrying about subjecting yourself to potential damage. What’s more, implants have long been trusted as a means of tooth replacement because of their strength and durability. And they don’t just restore your smile; they help maintain your oral health as they stimulate the jawbone and preserve its structure. The implant itself is basically an artificial tooth root, which is surgically placed in your jaw to support daily dental function. On top of the implant, Dr. Dave and
Dr. Matt place custom-fabricated abutments and crowns to restore your smile.

At Perimeter Dental, both Dr. Matt and Dr. David Scurria can design custom restorations for the implant that look natural, fit comfortably and give you a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. Check out our range of restorative dental services here!

Dental Implant Recovery

The Procedure

At Perimeter, we take an individualized approach with each implant procedure to give each patient the best chance of success. After your initial consultation, we will perform an in-depth assessment of the affected area to determine the best course of treatment. Then, prior to the procedure, we will brief you on the healing process and your specific recovery timeline. As we noted earlier, each procedure and patient is unique, so individual recovery timelines vary. Recovery also heavily depends on how you care for your teeth and implant post-procedure. 

Post-Op Care

After your procedure, we will guide you through the recovery process and provide you with an in-depth list of rules to ensure a speedy recovery. Some of the most important tips to remember as you recover from your implant procedure are: 

  • Avoid smoking. Smoking and other tobacco product use can be detrimental to your healing process, as it can lead to infection and implant failure. It’s best to avoid smoking and tobacco use for at least the first week after your procedure. Smoking is the leading cause of implant failure!
  • Eat soft foods. Stick to soft foods for at least one week post-procedure. This will give your implant the best odds of healing correctly, as food particles have fewer chances to get stuck in your teeth. Good options include applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal and lukewarm soup.
  • Don’t skip brushing. It’s especially important to brush your teeth and keep the area around your implant clean while everything is healing. 
  • Take it easy.  Your teeth aren’t the only things that need a bit of rest after your procedure. It’s equally important that your body rest and relax for at least a week afterward. Jumping back into physical activity too soon can increase pain, create problems with healing and even cause the implant to be rejected. Because each person’s healing process is unique, it’s best to talk to your dentist before you resume your exercise regimen.

Pain Management

As with many surgical procedures, it’s normal to experience some discomfort, pain and swelling as the implant heals. Gently applying ice to the face or taking anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, can help reduce these symptoms and make the recovery process easier. Pain, swelling and discomfort should subside two or three days after your procedure. If any pain worsens or you experience a fever over 101.5, contact your doctor immediately for further instructions. 

Ready To Restore Your Smile?

Dental implants are a great option to restore your smile and oral health for years to come. Perimeter Dental Group in Dublin, Ohio, offers the dental implant procedure to give you an excellent, long-term solution to tooth loss. If you’ve suffered from tooth loss, you may be a candidate for this procedure. To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about dental implants at Perimeter, click the button below!