Fact or Fiction: Do Root Canals Hurt?

Root Canal Treatments to Relieve Oral Pain

We all know someone who has had a root canal – mostly because they can’t stop talking about it either before or after the procedure. The thing is, root canal therapy is not only essential to your overall dental health, it’s fairly pain-free. The infection itself is what’s causing so much hurt; getting a root canal removes the infection and, thus, the pain. 

This article breaks down the ins and outs of root canal treatments and explains why they’re virtually painless. If you’re considering a root canal, or need to schedule an appointment, you’re in the right place!

Getting to the Root of the Issue

Root canal therapy is a treatment designed to eliminate bacteria from an infected root canal in order to restore function to the infected tooth. Basically, if the pulp, or inner portion of the tooth, becomes infected, a root canal removes the infection and saves the tooth. Infections come when the tooth structure is compromised due to trauma, a chip or crack, or extensive decay. Then, bad bacteria are able to enter the tooth and develop into a dental infection. 

If left untreated, dental infections can lead to severe oral health issues, sometimes even resulting in tooth loss. You’ll want to take care of this quickly, which is why we often deem root canals as a dental emergency.

What Happens During A Root Canal Procedure

At Perimeter Dental, we aim to detect dental infection early so we can mitigate the need for extensive restorative treatments. When a root canal is deemed necessary, our goal is to eliminate the infected pulp, disinfect the roots and prevent any further damage to the tooth. We begin by administering a local anesthetic to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Once numbness sets in, Drs. Dave and Matt Scurria make a small opening on the surface of the tooth to access the affected area. They remove the damaged pulp, disinfect the area and reshape the inner root canals in preparation for filling. The chamber is filled with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material used to fill the tooth and prevent infection. For the final steps of the root canal procedure, the tooth is sealed with a temporary filling until a custom dental crown is ready to take its place.

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Painful Root Canals Are a Myth

Your tooth is what actually hurts. Think about it. If you need a root canal, you have an infection deep in the pulp of your tooth. This infection is what really causes so much pain. The root canal procedure itself is – dare we say it – comfortable. Perimeter Dental uses modern rotary tools that allow us to perform precise, efficient procedures. That means we can perform virtually painless treatments. If you do end up feeling a bit of discomfort or slight pain, it should not be any more intense than that associated with a dental filling. 

Still, tooth pain is no joke. Severe tooth pain and dental emergencies need to be treated promptly. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we’re here to help! Give us a call at (614) 766-5277 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Post Procedure Tips for Painless Root Canal Recovery

Another key part of a smooth, painless recovery is taking care of your teeth post-treatment. Recommendations for avoiding pain and ensuring a good recovery include:

  • Avoiding hard and crunchy foods. Furthermore, chewing can agitate your healing tooth and even spread infection. So while your tooth is recovering, it’s important to eat soft food to avoid any discomfort or damage to the fresh wound. 
  • Be gentle while brushing. It’s still important to brush to keep your mouth clean and prevent infection, but keep in mind that this area is sensitive. Take time while you brush to pay special attention to your post-root canal tooth.
  • Visit your dentist if you experience any complications or severe pain, and continue to attend your regular dental checkups.

Root Canal Therapy at Perimeter Dental

At the end of the day, root canals aren’t as scary or painful as you’ve been led to believe. Our team of experienced dental professionals use the latest techniques and practiced hands to remedy the infected tooth all while making it a comfortable experience. Remember, this treatment is literally designed to alleviate pain! Do you have further questions regarding root canal therapy at Perimeter Dental? Need to schedule an initial consultation? Get in touch with our team today!