Halloween Candy: 7 Family-Friendly Oral Care Tricks

Spooky Season is here and that means one thing: Halloween is coming soon! While kids are excited to get dressed up as their favorite characters and go trick-or-treating, it’s important that they practice healthy oral care habits. That way, their smiles aren’t haunted by the risks that follow excessive sugar intake!

Every kid loves candy, but moderation is key! It’s okay to enjoy a treat from time to time, but sweets can play tricks on your oral health if you’re not careful!

What Kinds Of Halloween Candy Should You Avoid?

Obviously any dentist you talk to will disapprove of excessive sugar intake, but if you can’t resist the cravings keep in mind there are a few candies you should absolutely avoid: 

  • Hard Candy: Candy like suckers, life savers and even peppermints are things your child should steer clear from this spooky season. This could come as a surprise, but hard candy is worse for your child’s teeth than sticky candy. It lingers in the mouth longer leaving the possibility of acid attacks and tooth decay, not to mention the risk of accidentally chipping a tooth.
  • Sticky Candy: While there is plenty of sticky candy to go around during halloween, from gummy bears to tootsie rolls to skittles, beware of the dangers that come with them. Sticky candy loves to stick to your teeth way after it’s been consumed. These kinds of candy should be considered too spooky to eat in your household. However, if these treats are a must, be sure to have your kid brush with fluoride toothpaste right after!

7 Oral Care Best Practices Before, During, & After Halloween

We know it’s unrealistic for your kids to not enjoy some sweet treats during Halloween, so keep these tricks top of mind to make sure their oral hygiene is prioritized.

1: Dish Out Candy Alternatives

Now we know the kids may not be too thrilled about this one initially, but their teeth will thank them in the long run. Instead of candy try giving out healthier, but sweet alternatives like individually wrapped fruit, cheese sticks, or gum.

2: Drink More Water

Drinking lots of water is essential for good oral health during any time of the year but especially during spooky season! Try giving your kids water with most of their meals instead of sugary juice or pop. And after they get done binging on sweet treats, make sure you give them a nice glass of cold water to rinse away all of the leftover candy residue that causes cavities.

3: Choose Sugar-Free Treats

It’s no secret that sugary treats are the enemy of good dental hygiene, so try giving your kids treats that don’t contain any! It still tastes good and your kids won’t have to go through the hassle of getting a filling because they have cavities or brushing their teeth so many times a day after eating their Halloween candy. Most of their favorite candies have sugar-free alternatives that are sold right in stores!

4: Eat 1-2 Pieces of Candy After Meals

We know that eating candy is a must for most kids during Halloween, but don’t let them binge! When they are allowed to eat candy, try only giving them one or two pieces at the most. Letting kids eat as much candy as they want might cause them a stomach ache and result in fast-tracked tooth decay.

5: Brush Teeth Right After Eating

After your children finish indulging in their Halloween treats, it’s time for them to brush their teeth! It’s important that they don’t let leftover candy gunk or residue sit on their teeth. This can cause bacteria to grow and eventually lead to painful dental complications. Make sure they are brushing their teeth really well, and don’t forget their gums!

6: Limit Sugar Intake Throughout The Day

After Halloween kids have lots and lots of candy to eat that will last them for weeks. During this time they are getting all the sugar that they need, so try limiting all other sugar intake throughout the day. Cut out sugary drinks or other sugary foods that they may eat like cereal or baked desserts so there isn’t a sugar overload.

7: Use Treats As… Treats

Like we mentioned above, don’t let the kids eat candy all throughout the day. Try using candy as a reward, that way they are only eating it in moderation. You can let them indulge after completing their homework or chores, or when they get a good grade on a test. This way, eating candy is a special treat and not a bad habit!

Beware Of Any Tricks Your Treats Might Play

It’s easy to fall into the bad habit of eating candy every time you see it or think about it, so it’s important that going into this spooky season you set rules and guidelines for your kids, this way they can enjoy their treats happily without worrying about cavities or accidentally chipping a tooth. 

Keep a handle on your kids oral health by avoiding super sticky and hard candies, making sure they brush well and often and most importantly, moderating how many sweet treats they eat! 
If you want to be extra careful, schedule a professional cleaning with us this month and learn more about preventative dental services