Keep Your Teeth Healthy After Halloween

Tips to Keep Your Teeth In Spooktacular Shape While Enjoying Halloween Celebrations

Though Halloween may look a little (or a lot) different this year, the opportunities to indulge in seasonal treats are not likely to be lessened. And no matter how they make their way into your snack drawer, those goodies always have the chance to haunt the recesses of your mouth. Here’s how to keep your fangs fit while still enjoying the season’s frightening festivities!

Candy & Chocolate & Popcorn, Oh My!

Sure, it’s OK to occasionally partake in those treats your parents warned you would rot your teeth. But before you do, you should know some sweets are kinder to your chompers than others. Sticky, gummy and hard candies are more prone to leaving pieces stuck in the mouth, allowing cavity-causing bacteria to creep into the crevices. Chocolates, on the other claw, are both popular and more conducive to good oral health. They’re usually softer and wash off the teeth more easily than so other sweet options. If popcorn is more of your style, keep some floss on hand to exorcise any lingering spirits afterward.

Indulge In Moderation

Eating candy in “sessions” is better for your teeth than snacking continuously, which promotes sugar build-up. Sugar build-up, in turn, lets cavity-causing bacteria overstay its welcome, leading to tooth decay and cavities in the future. Brushing your teeth after each candy “session” can put a final stake in the heart of those monstrous bacteria.


Washing down candy with a glass of water not only keeps you hydrated, it also helps to flush out the sugar that’s left behind. Fluoridated water is even more effective at repelling the undead hordes of tooth decay. 

Here for the BOOze?

For the 21-plus crowd, Halloween festivities often include less metaphorical spirits – spirits that are no less restless than those invited in by candy. Alcohol in itself is, of course, acidic and can erode tooth enamel. Darker liquors, red wine and stout beers can also leave teeth stained. On top of that, alcohol can cause dry mouth, which means there’s less saliva to wash away bacteria and acid. But there’s hope for your oral health’s survival yet, and once again, hydration is the silver bullet. Have a glass of water between drinks to help clear out bacteria and stain-causing pigments.

Keep Up Your Routine

As always, the best way to ensure your teeth stay healthy is to keep up with regular brushing and flossing. That means brushing for 2 minutes, twice daily, and flossing once per day. Doing so helps eliminate plaque build-up and rids your teeth of any sugar left behind from your sweet snacks. It’s also helpful to maintain a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, as many are high in water and fiber and can help to balance out the Halloween sweets. 

Ghoulish Goodies

If the Halloween goodies do end up dragging your teeth to the dark side, Perimeter Dental is here to help restore your smile and improve your overall oral health. We also offer preventative treatments to be proactive in preserving your dental health. Learn more about Perimeter’s restorative and preventative dental services or schedule your appointment today!

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